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Digital Paintings - Busts
More OC Practice - Vira by Immer-Frei
Ghost Vira Re-Draw by Immer-Frei
Sketches - Set 1 by Immer-Frei
Bust Portrait/OC profile.

Individual elements must be distinguished by the commissioner. (Color/elements of the profile, references to the OC, etc.)

Includes color.

This is only for a digital copy of the work, which I'll post here. 

Newest Deviations

Thanks so much for viewing my page! I appreciate every single comment and fave, and never be afraid to talk to me.





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Hello, all! 
I just closed up my requests, but I'm now opening point :points: and Paypal commissions!

With Point :points: commissions, I'll publish my work on this site for you to see, and my prices are listed to the left of this journal; 150 :points: for ink and pencil drawings, 250 :points for digital paintings.

With Paypal commissions, I'll mail you a hard copy of my finished work, and upload it to this site. I'll also include a personal thank-you card, with a small gift inside! You can also special order a painting and I'll have it shipped to you.


POINT COMMISSIONS: I'm doing point commissions for DIGITAL BUSTS ONLY. @ 100 :points:
More OC Practice - Vira by Immer-Frei Ghost Vira Re-Draw by Immer-Frei

Examples of Traditional Inks/Pencil drawings ($20.00 USD):
Request - Ming Ko by Immer-FreiCommission -- Nagara by Immer-Frei Commission -- Charles by Immer-Frei Knight Bunny Process by Immer-Frei
Can include background upon request; no additional charge for extra characters.

Examples of Digital Paintings (or $35.00 USD)*
Thank You by Immer-Frei Commission -- Jaida by Immer-Frei Ghost Vira by Immer-Frei
Can include background upon request; no additional charge for extra characters.
***Price can change depending on how large of a print the client wants. Negotiable. 


Traditional Paintings ($50.00-$100.00 USD)
The Grand Design - Detail Shots by Immer-Frei The Grand Design - Installation by Immer-Frei Conflict by Immer-Frei 3D Painting - Forest Spirit WIP by Immer-Frei
No charge for extra characters, but the price can change depending on the size of canvas the client wants to have and/or the additional elements they want to have. Such as my method of sewing into canvas, or experiments with fabric clothes and other mixed media on top of the canvas. I am negotiable
Interested in some of my work, but don't want to wait for me to draw/paint it?
I have an Etsy store! -->…


LIGHTS UP on LILLY, a little girl who is reading a book while sitting in the waiting room of a Veteran’s Hospital. She’s all alone in the waiting room, amongst the eerily quiet hospital.

LILLY [via recording; spoken to the audience as she reads]
I’ve been here before. This hospital is like a second home for me. Usually my mother is able to wait with me while my father goes away to the examination room for a while… But, today is different. Today was the first time I’ve seen my father cry… He was in so much pain, and was so embarrassed… He fell on his way inside the hospital and couldn’t get up. Ma and I couldn’t get him up either… I ran for help inside the hospital, but no one would help me. They were either too busy to even notice me, or too scared to even help because they were vets with Post Traumatic… They just ran away from me. Thank goodness another patient heading into the hospital was able to help us. But now, I’m alone. I just want to escape.

The lights flicker, LILLY looks up from her book, too the florescent lights above her. SHE hums “You Are My Sunshine” and continues to read. Eventually, the flickering increases until the light is turned off by a NURSE who appears on-stage. LILLY’s humming stops.

NURSE  [exiting]
I can’t believe we leave these lights on when no one is in the waiting room!

LILLY looks up from her book, confused, then runs over and turns the light back on and continues to read.

I wonder if that lady would know if the fire alarm went off?

The lights flicker again, LILLY puts her book back in her small bag. The flickering becomes more intense until two NURSES enter pushing a covered cart. One of the NURSES turns the light off on LILLY once again. LILLY almost speaks up again, until she sees the cart that the two of them are pushing.

I’ll get the paperwork for him.

SHE exits

Hmm… which war did you fight in?

SHE pushes the cover back, revealing a foot with a tag on it. SHE reads the tag

Ah, Vietnam… that’s the 10th vet this week from that war.

NURSE I [From offstage]
Mel, Help me find his papers! I can’t find them in these piles of crap!

NURSE II [Exiting, calling back to NURSE I]
Are you sure they haven’t shredded them yet?

LILLY stares at the dead body in front of her. After a while looking in the darkness, she gets up, grabbing her bag, and then moves to the dimly lit hallway where the body lies on the cart. She pays particular attention to the tag on the body’s foot. Trembling, she picks the tag up to read it.

“Val Harris, Vietnam.”

The NURSES are heard bickering offstage. LILLY hides in the darkness of the waiting room as THEY enter
I still couldn’t find the paperwork… Just put him back in the morgue.

Any next of kin we should contact?

I’ve tried contacting his son… He won’t answer. Wife passed away years ago.

Oh what a shame… I hope we can get ahold of him.

Sadly, this happens all the time. Especially with vets. Next of kin just don’t want to deal with them… It’s like a burden on them, especially as the parents grow older and develop more problems.

NURSE II grabs the cart that that VAL’s body is laying on.
NURSE II [exiting]
I don’t understand how a child could abandon their own father…

NURSE I [exiting on the other side of the stage]
If you knew what what exactly wrong with him, you wouldn’t want to deal with it, either.

When THEY exit, LILLY emerges from the darkness of the waiting room, crying. A MAN enters, oddly, his footsteps make no sound. HE sees LILLY and carefully makes his way to her, being careful not to startle her.

Hey sweetie… why are you crying?

LILLY [wiping her tears]
I’m just scared. That’s all.

You have every right to be.

I can’t keep crying about everything. I’m tired of being scared! I’m tired of not knowing anything! I’m tired of my dad getting sick all the time! I’m-

SHE notices that the MAN is about to cry, and she stops.

I know. But sometimes things are better left unknown. Especially around here. [beat] Where are your parents?

They’re in the examination room. Something’s wrong with my daddy’s heart and they wanted to run tests. They wouldn’t let me come in with them.

Of course they didn’t… [beat] Here, are you hungry? I’ll get you something to eat in the cafeteria while you wait.

HE reads HER very skeptical expression.
Trust me. I would never hurt you.

HE looks back at the dark waiting room.
With as slow as those doctors move, I don’t think he’ll be out for a while. C’mon.

HE offers HER HIS hand. LILLY hesitantly takes it, and they exit. LIGHTS OUT.

LIGHTS UP on a brightly lit hallway. It’s very quiet. LILLY and THE MAN enter.
There… That’s a little bit better, huh?

HE looks over at a nearby menu by the entrance to the cafeteria.

Now… what do we have for eats today?

LILLY [reading the sign]
“Meatloaf with ketchup sauce”
Right when she reads the sign, the TWO NURSES from before enter with a body bag and slam it onto a nearby cart before wheeling the cart and exiting on the other side of the stage, by a sign that reads “Main Entrance” LILLY and THE MAN notice them exit. LILLY shivers.

I don’t think I’m hungry anymore…


THEY sit on a bench by the “Main Entrance” sign.

Y’know… You remind me a lot of a man that I served with.


Yeah. I used to patrol with him all the time… He taught me how to sleep with my eyes closed so that we’d still look alert when we were on watch.

[beat] LILLY stays silent.
He was a really great guy…

A MALE HOSPITAL EMPLOYEE enters. He’s carrying a box that reads “clean utensils”. He ’s having problems walking and eventually falls halfway across the stage. The contents of the box are dumped and it’s revealed that the box was full of needles. THE MAN rushes over to help him. LILLY isn’t far behind them, but stays clear from the pile of needles. THE MAN helps him up.
Hey, you okay? Oh my god you have blood all ove-

It is revealed that the needles laying on the ground are used, not clean like the box suggested.

[to LILLY] Oh God! Stay away, hon! Go back to the bench. You hear? [to the EMPLOYEE] What the Hell do you think you’re doing carrying those in a bin like that?

Look, Man: I’m here doing my job just like everyone else. The nurse handed these to me. How was I supposed to know that they were dirty?

Because the Goddamn case is open and these are clearly caked with blood!

I don’t get paid to ask questions here, man.

What is that supposed to mean? That you get paid to shut up about a mistake like this that could kill thousands of patients?

Look, I’m not allowed to say anything. Even if they do make a mistake. With all of the shit the VA has to deal with on a regular basis a small instance like this isn’t going to make much of a difference in the way that we run this hospital anyway.

Oh, I’m sure! The increase in patients you guys get with infected blood surly gives you all a nice paycheck, eh?

I’m just like you, man. I served my time for this country; it’s about time they paid me back for it.

The MAN kicks the empty case across the floor.
You’re like me, huh? I served my time, too. I came home to spit on my face and the “blood of thousands” on my hands. I couldn’t find a job for the first 5 years of my return. My mom sold all of my shit because she thought that I’d come home in a box. The VA refused to even see me after my return because I wasn’t “injured enough”. 35 years after that and they finally decide to see me, only to laugh in my face and tell me that I only have months to live because of the toxic pesticides our lovely government decided to use during the war was beginning to take out the feeling in my legs… eventually I won’t be able to walk, talk, or even breathe. I had to stay strong for my wife and son after I lost a daughter to cancer that I later found out was accelerated by the chemicals in my own system. I had to WORK to make a good life for myself. I WORKED to support my family and pay for my daughters medical bills and my wife’s therapy appointments. Finding those jobs took YEARS but I did it.
Then there’s YOU. You couldn’t get clearance into VA’s care so instead of working hard to find a job to hold you off, you decided to manipulate the system and work for them so that your papers would be on the top of the list and you’d get your precious money. All the while, you and the rest of your staff and pulling shit like this and giving out apologies like candy for the media. YOU’RE one of the reasons why vets like me are having such a hard life, brother. YOU’RE killing us and forcing us to shut up when we know the VA isn’t treating us like patients, but as money wads. So when YOU tell me that “I’m just like you”… I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!

There’s a long pause. The EMPLOYEE eventually gathers the needles into the case and stumbles off. The MAN kneels with his face in his hands. LILLY carefully approaches the MAN, avoiding the still wet blood on the floor. SHE hugs him and holds him for a while. Eventually, HE reveals HIS face and makes HIS way back to the bench, Staring at the blood on the floor. LILLY follows, and sits next to HIM.

He had your eyes.


The man that I served with… The one I was talking to you about earlier. He had your eyes. I’d never seen eyes that dark… that sad before. [beat] That being said… He was one of the most kind people I’d ever met in the war. He looked so hulking and intimidating on the outside but he had a heart of gold on the inside… He always tried to make the people around him laugh even when there was sadness all around us…

What would he do to cheer you all up?

Well… There was a time when he befriended an anaconda and he’d keep it in one of the larger lockers only to be found by one of the nurses that entered our locker room!
There was another time when he’d teach us certain survival tricks in case we’d ever get separated by the rest of the group. I was surprised to find out that during one mission, he’d was left for dead for almost three days after he was shot before demolishing a bridge behind enemy lines… I never knew what happened to him after that. But I hope… I hope he’s doing just fine. [beat] Even if he’s not… I’d be satisfied with knowing he never had to go through all of the pain of modern treatment of veterans. We were really good friends.

LILLY remains quiet. [beat]

I’m not sure why, but you remind me of his courageousness. You’ve been through so much already… I hope that someday you grow up to be a very strong woman.

I’ve already had to do a lot of growing up… I feel like I’m already halfway there.

Then maybe it’s time you preserved your childhood while you have the chance and not worry so much, hm? You can surly find a balance.

I think I have found a balance. I know when to cry and when not to cry now… I know when to be strong for my parents. I can take care of myself when they’re away at the hospital all day. I’ve even learned how to cook my own meals!

…You use a stove?

Erm… well, I know how to make a mean TV dinner!

THEY laugh. The NURSES enter, carrying another body bag. This time, they’re carrying it by hand to a hearse waiting by the main entrance. They tote it from one side of the stage to the other. However, LILLY and the MAN hardly notice by this point.

Well, it certainly seems like you have a nice head start, huh?


What was his name?


Your friend. What was his name?

Oh, yeah. Funny story abut that actually. He wouldn’t tell me his first name until about a week before he left and never returned. He told me it was “Lucky”. I didn’t believe me at first, but he was adamant that it was on his birth certificate. He told me this story that his dad named him that because he was very close to death when he was born… so his dad just named him Lucky! I couldn’t believe it.

LILLY is speechless. Suddenly, the stage becomes more illuminated than before, almost blindingly bright. A phone is heard ringing.

Oh… he finally called back.


My son. I need to go, sweetie.

Go where?

Home, I think. Home sounds nice right now.

HE rises, and slowly makes his way to the “Main Entrance” of the hospital. LILLY is right at his heals, spastic. SHE tries to grab his shirt, but HE seems in so much of a daze that he doesn’t really notice.

Wait, mister!

He stops, looking wearily at LILLY.
What’s your name?

My name is Val Harris.

HE exits. LILLY tries to reach out for him as the phone ringing fades away and the lights fade back to their normal brightness. When the lights return, LILLY slowly makes HER way back to the bench by the entrance sign. HER eyes are drawn to the fresh blood still on the floor. SHE curls up in a ball on the bench and hides her face in her hands. An ambulance siren is heard in the background and eventually fades out.

FATHER [from offstage]
Lilly! Lilly!?
HE enters

Oh, Lilly! Thank God I found you! I was worried sick about you, pumpkin where were y-

SHE runs into his arms and hugs him tightly. [beat]

Daddy, can we go home now? Please? I just wanna go home.

Of course, baby. Are you alright?

I’m just glad you’re okay. I’m scared daddy. I’m so scared.

HE picks her up.

You have nothing to be afraid of, hun. I’m still alive and kicking and I plan on staying that way for a long time.

MOTHER [from offstage]
Lucky? Did you find Lilly?? I’ve looked everywhere and I just can’t f-

FATHER [calling back to MOTHER]
Yeah, I found her. I’ll meet you in the car, okay?


Yes, dear?

You can’t promise me you’re gonna be okay. I know something’s wrong. Why won’t you tell me?

FATHER sighs. [beat]

Because as far as I’m concerned. I’m fine. That’s all that matters. Let’s go home.

FATHER exits from an opening in center stage. LILLY looks back at the blood still on the floor over her FATHER’s shoulder. As THEY exit, the lights dim very slowly. Sound clips of news stories reporting various VA malpractice cases are heard eventually becoming more and more jumbled and numerous as the darkness increases. When the stage becomes completely dark, the sounds of news stories stop abruptly. The stage is shrouded in darkness as the following dialogue occurs:
LILLY [via recording]
Father died shortly after I turned 14. Although he couldn’t keep his promise I know that it wasn’t his fault. The Veteran’s Hospital did find something wrong with his heart that day, but they refused to let him go to the local hospital for treatment. The hospital they wanted him to go to was all the way in Cincinnati, but with his sudden decline in mobility due to the effects of Agent Orange, we just couldn’t make the trip.
Val was right about one thing… I had grown into an adult before I even had the chance to be a kid. By then, that chance had passed me by. It was time to face reality before I even knew what fantasy was. Reality and truth is all I’ve ever known. I just want a chance to escape.

Going Home
I wrote a small play. Please, give me any feedback you can. This is my first time attempting anything like this before.
Buried - Concept Sketch by Immer-Frei
Buried - Concept Sketch
This is a sketch for my first assignment for my experimental painting class at OU!
For this assignment, we were required to create a piece out of found materials, manipulating those materials into a completely different work. I decided to use/manipulate clothes (and other fabric) and pennies to create a 3D painting/installation (because I've been really into that recently. XD) I'll probably post more WIP's as the work period goes on. I'm really stoked for this project!
All Together by Immer-Frei
All Together
Little drawing I made a while back. I've been experimenting with different colors and different ways of distributing color. I really love the results, even if they took around 9 hours to achieve. 

I used Stabilo .88 mm, Microns, pigment pens, and acrylic pen. 

EDIT 9-4-2013 --> I enlarged the image a bit.
Spineless by Immer-Frei

HEY so I've been gone a while. Have a draw.
I used micron pigment pens, stabilo detail pens, watercolor, and lots of patience (probably ~8 hours of work)
I've been collecting frames (lol thrifting ftw) and I'm finally finding stuff to do with them.

Enjoy! I hope everyone's summer is going well!



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